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随後,第一批飛機在15日當天從叙利亞境内的赫梅米姆空軍基地起飛,前往俄羅斯境内的機場。 飛機載彈量達40噸,時速超過2200千米/小時,飛行距離約14000千米。 弗米切夫表示:“我們獲得相關的生産許可,将按照武器發展計劃和國防采購執行新的訂購。 她表示,我國應使國内油價更适應相關生産部門和企業的需求,促進油品國内價格同國際價格的并軌銜接。 消息稱,目前共有1010名搶險人員正在處理事故現場,洩漏化學原料的稀釋工作仍在繼續。 與會者還宣布,将在5月11日前就頓涅茨克州主權問題舉行全民公決。

據俄羅斯媒體報道,“國家機關人員辦公室設施及面積标準規定”所制定的新标準相較于原來的标準要少許多。 期間拉夫羅夫表示,俄羅斯願同叙利亞各反對派人士合作,支持聯合國觀察員重返叙利亞,并表示,叙利亞總統阿薩德沒有離開總統職位的打算。 多個政黨将在選舉前夕,于今年12月召開黨代表大會,并推出各自的總統候選人。 據俄新社此前報道,符拉迪沃斯托克在峰會期間将實施主要涉及小型飛機的飛行限制,此外,峰會舉辦地俄羅斯島從8月25日至9月11日實行通行管制。 他估計,以去年德國對俄羅斯出口爲例,有5.7億歐元的商品現在被列入禁運名單,占總出口的大約三分之一。 在競選綱領中普京指出,俄不僅要有能應對現實威脅的反應機制,還要評估未來30至50年的威脅,以未來世界軍事發展趨勢爲導向制定國防政策。 土耳其東南部邊境地區3日遭到來自叙利亞境内發射的迫擊炮彈襲擊,造成5人死亡。



Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Bio-vaccine Co. Ltd. (Hayao Vaccine), which was founded in 1962, is a limited liability company owned by Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Holding Co. Ltd. and located in Harbin, the capital and biggest city of Heilongjiang Province. Hayao Vaccine is assigned by the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) for producing bio- and chemical preventive and therapeutic products for animals, as well as one of the eight specially pointed manufacturers for avian influenza vaccine by the Ministry. The company is a high-tech enterprise, performing research and development,manufacturing and marketing of animal health products, as well as providing technical service. It is now one of the Top 10 enterprises manufacturing veterinary bio-products in China.

The total asset of Hayao Vaccine is 900 million RMB and the annual sale is around 300 million RMB. The company has four GMP workshops with multiple production lines in each, which are approved by MOA.

The company currently has 80 animal health products, among them 26 were honored by MOA or the provincial Scientific Committee and Husbandry Bureau. Guang-Wei, which means best contribution, is the trade mark of Hayao Vaccine and has being rewarded for several years as the excellent branded products. The market coverage of Guang-Wei series products is over 80% in China due to the high quality and reputation of the brand. All staff of Hayao Vaccine follows the enterprise spirit “Working with perseverance and keeping improving” to forge ahead with determination, hard and creative work and social responsibility. Under the guidance of scientific view of development, Hayao Vaccine takes “Satisfying customers’ demand” as the goal and adheres to the business philosophy “Do real drug and be honest enterprise” and sets up the direction of development as “Brand-based operation, front runner in industry”. These efforts have largely improved the competitiveness of the company.

Hayao vaccine will do every piece of work with heart and thoughtfulness to provide high-quality products and professional services for customers. The company sincerely hopes to cooperate with all the friends from different countries and areas further with more efforts and in wider fields to achieve mutual development and benefit.